Film Trailer: Get Well Soon

This is an utterly shameless plug for a despicably talented mate: –

“Janet Fisk has been supporting her husband, Theodore, through his experience of breast cancer — but now that he is in remission, she realises that their relationship has been empty for some time. Her secret discovery that she is pregnant is the final straw. More trapped than ever, the bathroom becomes her refuge, and her prison. As the pressure mounts, inexplicable things start to happen in the house — all leading back to the bath.

Starring Gresby Nash (The IT Crowd) and Laura Howard (Midsomer Murders), ‘GET WELL SOON’ is a taut psychological horror is the first short film from directors Ian Baigent and Jack Burnford, and writer Michael Woodman.

The film is produced by Gregory Rinaldi and Alison Baxter of BRAG Productions, and brings together the talents of crew who have worked on projects as diverse as Fantastic Mr. Fox, Luther, Heartless, Quantum of Solace, and Alice in Wonderland. It will be entering festivals in late 2010.

Follow Michael Woodman’s blog on the BRAG Productions website, which discusses the process of making a short film on a tight budget, and also tackles DOP Rory Moles’ experience of shooting with the Canon 5D.”

Well done guys – that absolutely fucking rocks!!

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