World Fantasy Con – All The Hoopla!

PopcornOne word for this – that word is ‘family’. With all of the fussing and fighting, my friends, that led up to the event, one would’ve expected fireworks and drama and fuck knows what else…

ALL THE BOOKS!…but what we got was a old school, traditional Book Convention and (from what I’ve seen) one enjoyed by all. An event run, you might say, by the book.

Titan BooksFor me, it was about family. About the Forbidden Planet family, with the huge agenda of signings and events that bracketed the weekend. About the UK SF/F family, the thing that supports us all. About the international family, the thing that surrounds us. And on a personal level, about the Titan family – the thing that came into its own at the WFC weekend.

Dealers Room

Dealers Room

As ever, I’m rather caught behind the Dealers’ Room table, but I did manage to escape for long enough to share a signing event with Francis Knight and her awesome Cake Noir – an hour that championed everything I’ve always harped on about as regards cross-pollination of readership.

Cake NoirAnd for long enough to attend the Titan party, a Saturday afternoon win complete with wine, popcorn machine, crossbows, and a signing table shared with Guy Adams.

IMG_1795Though it was rather surreal seeing people trying to win Ecko on a hoopla stall…

IMG_1790Family, too, in events run by Team Gollancz and their gin, Team Tor and their music, and by Jo Fletcher Books – though I’d been on my feet for twelve hours by the last of these and my appreciation may have faded to a weary croak that needed wine badly (thank you Snorri Kristjansson!)

Nice HatIn conclusion – an awesome Con. Something that surpassed its own rumblings and reminded all of us why we actually do this stuff.

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Don’t Forget the Groupies – Blog Tour Dates!

Stolen shameless and wholesale from Titan Books’ blog

Ecko Rising is the astonishing debut from the publicist and event organiser for cult
entertainment retailer Forbidden Planet, Danie Ware [Titan Books, 20th September, £7.99].

Following a cynical anti-hero, Ware’s first novel is sardonic fantasy, a sharp new slant on the genre, scattered with a healthy dusting of sex, violence and sarcasm.

Ecko Rising has received glowing accolades from authors including, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Empire in Black and Gold), Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer), Lavie Tidhar, (OsamaThe Bookman series), and Adam Nevill (Apartment 16).

If you love fantasy, classic or modern, or have a liking for twisted anti-heroes please check out the trailer and blog tour below.

11th September – We Love This Book – trailer debut on Facebook
12th September – Geek Syndicate – review, interview and competition
13th September – Wear Pink Wednesdays – review and interview
14th September – SF Book – review, interview and competition
15th September – London Calling – competition
16th September – Gay Sci-Fi Nerds – review and interview
17th September – Alternative Magazine Online – review and interview
18th September – Tattooed Book – review and interview
19th September – The Huffington Post – interview
20th September – Sci –Fi London – review, interview and competition
21st September – British Fantasy Society – review, interview and competition

With more to come on…
Book Geeks
The New Universe
SF Signal
Walker of Worlds
Gasping for the Wind
Dave Brendon’s Fantasy and SciFi Blog
Star Ship Sofa
SF Talk

Danie Ware will be signing copies of Ecko Rising at Forbidden Planet Shaftesbury Avenue on the 20th of September and in Forbidden Planet Bristol on the 19th of October. You will also find her at Fantasycon (28 – 29th September) and Bristolcon (20th October)

(All I need now is the t-shirt. And the groupies. Never forget the groupies!)

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