Twitterstream of Consciousness

The first rule of Twitter – and I mean real Twitter not celebrity Twitter or marketing opportunist Twitter – is ‘be yourself’.

While I may front Forbidden Planet, it’s never occurred to me to be anything else – it’s a Twitterstream of Consciousness; I don’t (probably rather obviously!) think before I tweet.

This week has seen my partner’s carpentry driving me round the twist and a certain TechDigest article listing the UK’s most prolific tweeters… in the light of both, I find myself suddenly – horrors! – self-conscious. Maybe even twelf-conscious.

Twitter has another rule, more ambiguous and subtle – it’s probably listed on a dozen Newbie Twitter Guides under ‘positive mental attitude’. I’m calling it ‘don’t be unhappy’. Be yourself, but by All The Gods Of New Media, don’t ever be miserable!

Well, fuck that; we all get stressed. To me, Twitter requires honesty – and forgiving that honesty in others. I’m not a Social Media Maven or a motivational speaker (for which you can be thankful). I’m Danie, and I defend my right to have crap days. And not to feel self-conscious about sending a tweet that isn’t sparkling with happiness.

As for TechDigest?

It’s odd seeing yourself under a microscope. The article made me laugh (I’m immoral? My mother reads the Daily Mail! I have a boring job? I’m not dignifying that with an answer!) Yes, I’m chatty, but that’s how the bonds of the community are built; that’s how connections are made, discoveries are shared – it’s how the world is made smaller and how wonderful and unlikely friendships spring from 140 characters.

Having my Twitter presence – and those of my UK friends and neighbours – summarised in five lines is disturbing… is that one sample tweet really all my life has distilled down to?

I know it’s not – seeing myself scrutinised, bizarre though it is, isn’t going to change who I am.

In fact, it reminds me of a wonderful Twitter irony – and something that TechDigest has missed completely: –

Why is Twitter so full of chatter? Because when people are really busy, they don’t tend to tweet.

Funny, that.

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