Fractal Pendant


If you’ve read Ecko, you probably know I’ve got a thing about fractals. Partly out of purely artistic appeal, partly out of an ‘everything has a pattern’ multidimensional mathematical fascination that I sadly don’t have the maths to follow through. Curving through space and time… the Doctor, frankly. should encounter more of them.

Anyway, while on the hunt for Christmas presents (honest) I’ve just found this.

Found on Etsy, here.

Steampunk Beholder

What’s this? The bastard lovechild of traditional dungeoneering and a modern obsession with cogs and clockwork? What rays come from its many eyes? And where lurk its clockwork alchemist minions?

Quite apart from the glorious clanking potential of steampunk D&D, it did put me in mind of the fantastic eye jewellery that was being sold at LonCon 3. The stall was opposite where FP was stationed and it sat and looked at us, quite literally, all weekend.

Succumbing to the lure was inevitable.

BvU-cnmIUAAwzAS 2

Much like that of the Beholder, I suspect.

And have since realised: both items actually made by Catherinette Rings. Gorgeous!