Eyepod: Unique Artwork Opportunity

Announcing an amazing, one-off opportunity to purchase a unique artwork, created by master metal-crafter Simon Fearnhamm of Raven Armoury.

This life-size bronze skeleton took over a year to create. Named ‘Empathy’ for the MP3 to which he listens, he’s sitting cross legged, listening to his ‘eyepod’ and smoking a cigarette.

His eye is synthetic, made in silicon by a top prosthetics expert; his other eye is acrylic and inset in the sterling-silver-and-ebony ‘eyepod’ itself – which is looking back at him. His headphones are steel, copper and leather; the cigarette is mammoth ivory with wire wool for tobacco.

More details and the opportunity to purchase this exclusive item can be found here.

Established in 1987, Raven Armoury is a highly regarded company of English Sword Makers. Every item created is hand-made, with quality materials and meticulous attention paid to every detail and accuracy.

Well-known to collectors world-wide, Raven specialise in made to order work, creating reproductions of original swords and daggers as well as custom designs. Most recently, Simon Fearnhamm created the exquisitely accurate replicas of David Gemmell’s famous ‘Snaga’ for the David Gemmell Legend Award.

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Joining David Gemmell

Since I’ve (rather belatedly – sorry Stan!) today joined up over at the DGLA website, I’ve just had a proper old nose through the nominations, not only for the DGLA itself, but for the two new categories introduced for 2009.

The David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Newcomer

‘The Morningstar Award will give recognition to emerging talent in the field of fantasy fiction. As David Gemmell always took a keen interest in new writers, and helped many onto the path to publication, we regard this as an appropriate category to add, and one we feel sure David would have approved.’

The David Gemmell Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art.

‘The Ravenheart Award will honour the best fantasy book cover art. The importance of fantasy cover art deserves admiration, as do the artists who produce it, yet there is no major UK award acknowledging this. The Ravenheart Award will fulfill that role.’

There a list of current nominations on the site here.

I was a huge fan of David’s work (I think I was 19 when I read ‘Legend’ and it’s left a mark to this day) and therefore very privileged to be at last year’s awards (rumours about my axe-wielding may have been exaggerated).

I’m also looking forward to casting my votes in this one – a celebration of the best in the genre is always a good thing.

The 2010 David Gemmell Awards ceremony will again be held at The Magic Circle headquarters in London, on Friday 18th June.

And I can’t help but wonder… just what Raven Armoury have in store for us this time…

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