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What are they? What’re they for? If you’re a high profile figure – you’re one of the GRRMs or the JKRs for the world then fairy nuff, they’re a way to keep your public updated with book news, your page manager in chips and beer, and to save yourself a job when you’ve got important stuff to do. But what if you haven’t had a Theme Park named after you main character? What if you’re a normal mortal who happens to have written some books? All the ‘Author as Brand’ speechifying in the world doesn’t actually answer the question.

You know that your humble Author Page has been cruelly rogered by Facebooks’s algorithm changes. Now, only a few see it, and those few are probably your friends and family who (bless them) are now seeing everything twice. Plus, if you’ve Read your Social Media Handbook you’re now posting this crap on your blog, hoarding pictures on your Pinterest, and posting shit on Twitter, Goodreads, Google +, and Instagram (#authors #authorsofinstagram #books #writing #fucksake), and so on…

With so many channels of noise surrounding us, it’s very easy to saturate your own media – there’s a subtle art is knowing what to post on which stream, and how to differentiate the content so your trusty Uncle Bob isn’t seeing the same updates everywhere he looks…

But when you have the same platform/layout and potential content twice? How does that work?

I’m asking a lot of questions. And Social Media professional that I may be (tooting my own, sorry), I honestly don’t know the answer. I’ve decided, however, to just jump in and give it a go – focus on writing things, on current and new projects, and on doing… not ‘Author as Brand’ (I’ve seen that abused FAR too much) but ‘Author as Friend’, perhaps in the spirit of the old community that used to exist on LiveJournal. It may not work on the platform, I don’t know. People may not see the updates and lose interest, I don’t know. I may vanish up my own backside in a swirl of pretentiousness, or lose interest myself and go back to updating every other bloody site, I don’t know.

But I’m going to give it a try.

If you’re interested, you can find me on Facebook as Danie Ware.

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On Publicity, Ego and THE FEAR

IMG_1024Publicity, I’m finding out, is a funny beast.

Despite publicising a major Geek Cred brand, being on the other end of the equation – being the brand itself, if you like – is a very odd sensation. It feels slightly nebulous, your-life-in-their-hands. And sometimes things you write, or you’ve been asked to write, don’t show up quite how you expected them to.

I’ll explain a bit more below, but first: yes, Ecko really is on MTV (and nooooo that’s not surreal at all!). Titan Books have done an absolutely storming job, and the links below have generated very interesting feedback and conversation: –

Flavorwire – Ten of the Greatest Debut Sci Fi and Fantasy Novels
Huffington Post – Seven Best Genre-Bending Novels (and Firefly) 
Criminal Element – Extract and Competition
SF Signal – Interview
Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds – Interview
MTV Geek – Extract 
Dread Central – Interview 
Qwillery – Interview 
Qwillery – Book Cover Smackdown
Mind of the Geek – YouTube trailer 
MSN Entertainment – Prologue 
Bloodydisgusting.com – Excerpt 
Impedimentia – Interview 
Kirkus reviews – June Highlights

From small beginnings (in the bathroom, as I remember, in a little house in Norwich) it seems Ecko is really being run up the flagpole. And that’s equal parts wondrous and scary.

But (briefly) about the publicity thing. On a couple of the links above, the way the info’s been presented looks I’ve touted myself as one of my own ‘best of’ picks – and that really wasn’t the idea. Ecko running up publicity flagpoles in a very good thing, but to run him up there myself would make my ego the size of a small city…

…and that just doesn’t happen.

Seriously, I mean it. Authors do self-doubt BIG time. We all do – we agonise terribly about our own work, about all of its faffings and failings and shortcomings, about how it’s not as good as anything that’s come out before, or afterwards, or ever… Gareth Powell calls it THE FEAR and it’s part of the game. Immersed in our own insecurities, we need other people to give us objectivity. It’s why we have editors, and copy-editors, and proof-readers, and patient and honest friends. They’re people we trust to whack us round the head if necessary.

And it’s why we need publicists – because selling a brand needs objectivity too. That person, that team, is there, not because you believe you’re one of your own ‘Top 10’…

…but because you know you’re not.

And if we’re lucky, they do a damn good job of it :)

Ecko US Cover Art


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Don’t Forget the Groupies – Blog Tour Dates!

Stolen shameless and wholesale from Titan Books’ blog

Ecko Rising is the astonishing debut from the publicist and event organiser for cult
entertainment retailer Forbidden Planet, Danie Ware [Titan Books, 20th September, £7.99].

Following a cynical anti-hero, Ware’s first novel is sardonic fantasy, a sharp new slant on the genre, scattered with a healthy dusting of sex, violence and sarcasm.

Ecko Rising has received glowing accolades from authors including, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Empire in Black and Gold), Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer), Lavie Tidhar, (OsamaThe Bookman series), and Adam Nevill (Apartment 16).

If you love fantasy, classic or modern, or have a liking for twisted anti-heroes please check out the trailer and blog tour below.


11th September – We Love This Book – trailer debut on Facebook
12th September – Geek Syndicate – review, interview and competition
13th September – Wear Pink Wednesdays – review and interview
14th September – SF Book – review, interview and competition
15th September – London Calling – competition
16th September – Gay Sci-Fi Nerds – review and interview
17th September – Alternative Magazine Online – review and interview
18th September – Tattooed Book – review and interview
19th September – The Huffington Post – interview
20th September – Sci –Fi London – review, interview and competition
21st September – British Fantasy Society – review, interview and competition

With more to come on…
Book Geeks
The New Universe
SF Signal
Walker of Worlds
Gasping for the Wind
Dave Brendon’s Fantasy and SciFi Blog
Star Ship Sofa
SF Talk

Danie Ware will be signing copies of Ecko Rising at Forbidden Planet Shaftesbury Avenue on the 20th of September and in Forbidden Planet Bristol on the 19th of October. You will also find her at Fantasycon (28 – 29th September) and Bristolcon (20th October)

(All I need now is the t-shirt. And the groupies. Never forget the groupies!)

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Ecko Cover Blurbs

To say I’m chuffed to death would be one serious fucking understatement…

“I motored through this book. It’s a page turner and I’ll be getting hold of the next one.” – Neal Asher

“Not your usual uber-capitalist dystopia.  Not your usual fantasy/sci-fi genre mash-up.  Not your usual playfully psychotic cyber-and-drug-enhanced antihero.  Ecko Rising messes with your head in unexpected and exciting ways.” – Mike Carey

“Danie Ware’s first novel is not so much assured as explosive. This is science fiction with the safety catch off. I hope she never runs out of ammunition.” – Adam Nevill

“Tight, fast-paced, sophisticated SF – the best debut novel I’ve read in years” – Andy Remic

“One of the most intriguing and original blends of fantasy and science fiction I’ve read in a long time” – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Ecko Rising explodes onto the page with the manic energy of Richard Morgan’s cyberpunk novels before taking a surprise turn into Thomas Covenant territory. It is strange, surprising, haunting and exceedingly well-written. Not to be missed.” – Lavie Tidhar

Blog post by way of a thank you and a BIG squeeeee. Catch me for beers at FantasyCon!

(The artwork, btw, is a long-time fave and an inspiration, called ‘Angelic Manifestation’ and  by Bob Venosa. Though I fear I’ve put it to a slightly more violent use!).

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Of Dark Lords and Flamethrowers

It’s been a VERY weird week.

It’s been a week wearing an odd Venn diagram of simultaneous hats. Putting live my own signing, seeing my name on posters and press releases, on the FP site… I will shut up about this stuff eventually, I swear, but it’s still squeaky new and very fucking bizarre.

It’s been a week of review copies – of other people actually reading the book. It’s been a week with the filming of a book trailer (thank you Angie), with my first real interview (thank you Stephen Jewell of SFX Magazine – bless you for your ability to put a nervous first-timer at ease!), and where the first incoming blurbs have allowed me to see Ecko through other eyes than my own.

This week’s also contained much speculation about live-webcasting the signing itself – a Nik trick if ever these was one – and not an easy thing when the store has no sodding wifi in the books department. Watch this space for updates on that little adventure…

The clipping here is from Sci Fi Now – a sneaky snippet which puts all of this wackiness into a neat nut/shell/casing…

It’s been a VERY weird week.



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