A little Monkey, a little Mushroom, a little Music…

In the days when we could game ’til three in the morning (and still get up), we needed two things – we needed sugar, and we needed music.

Our moods had music. Our characters had music. Settings had music, bad guys had their own signature tracks and we made compilations for scenarios. To this day, I can’t hear the soundtrack to ‘The Thing’ or to ‘Akira’ without powerful memories, and Carter USM’s ‘You Fat Bastard’ remains one of the most iconic tunes of my entire life.

By contrast, I don’t write with music on – I need quiet to focus. I’ll use it as frame-setter though, just as we used to in our gaming days. To set a mood, to conjure a character. To spark a frame of mind. (And to get a kick-arse high on the cross-trainer in the gym, but that’s another story).

Here then, is as close as I’m going to get to ‘writing music’. A little monkey, a little mushroom, a little madness…


(The image, incidentally, an an iPod dice speaker, which came from here. Want!)

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