The Art of the Brick

The epitome of a win-win? Lego and Batman. We knew this already.

If you go to The Art of the Brick, though, it takes on a whole new lustre. (And it’s not just all black. Or very dark grey). And Bats has brought his signal, his friends, his foes, his cars, his multi-coloured masks, and some lovely cinematics… as well as Supe in every guise, Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet (yes really), The Flash and some classic DC comics covers all laid out in brickwork.

Plus there’s Lego to play with, and the ubiquitous Lego shop that will make you wish you’d bought more money – or less kids. Even the big ones.

Go – you’ll never look at Lego the same way!

Lego Cat Lady

Lego Cat Lady

Lego creates the ultimate minifigure. Beyond the Star Wars Advent Calendar, beyond the irresistible £2 blind-box (bag?) collectibles, even beyond the ghastly horror that is Lego Friends… they have made the Cat Lady. Complete with long grey hair and fuzzy jumper. And cat, obviously.

I think she should come with more than one, mind you.

With thanks to @BorisKitty for the find!

Halo LEGO Sniper Rifle

Thanks to GeeksareSexy for the flawless timing of this monster on my Facebook feed this afternoon…

It’s 63 inches long and weighs approximately ten and a half pounds – apparently an accurate scale for the Halo gun in-game, which is cited as being 5.5 feet long. Plus it has all the trimmings – removable magazine, sliding bolt and moving safety.

It four months to assemble.

Seriously. Get a pet or something!

LEGO Dice!

These little blocks of multi-coloured genius bring a whole new level of potential to that massive box of LEGO that lurks in your lounge.

They’re like sex dice but better – how can you resist the mad mash-up of random Escher-esque construction that will come when you roll these?

Go on, you KNOW you want to!!

LEGO dice found here.