Last Night’s Who Signing

Sometimes, things just work. No matter how big they may be, or how many cats need herding, they reach a kind of social critical mass – and it all just falls into place.

So it was last night.

Outside, we had fans queuing for hours in the cold – clutching dedicated pieces of Who memorabilia they’d treasured for years. We all know the return of Who has spanned the generations, bringing families together on a Saturday evening – my son is seven and no-one feels this more than I do. But to see it really brought to life is quite something. From the girl from the US with the TARDIS earrings and the painted jacket, to the Dad with FOUR eager cubs out there with him… truly, the Doctor spans space and time.

Inside, everything was gleefully organised chaos. Steven Moffat chatted to his gobsmacked fans, Mark Gatiss had a thing about peg dolls, Ben Cook offered very fine scarlet hair and Tom MacRae offered equally fine studded scarlet boots – the writers of Who are a garrulous and colourful bunch. The atmosphere they brought with them was voluble and festive.

Chatty or not, they’re efficient – flawlessly herded by Clayton Hickman and Garry Russell, the whole crew really linked with their fans and put in a sterling evening’s work.

Prior to last night’s event, we’d been a little nervous about accommodating something of that size – that many people, that many fans – but experience tells, it seems, both theirs and ours. Either that, or FP is bigger on the inside.

At the end of yesterday evening, a great many people went home laden with presents and smiles. They’d had a moment, and they’d snagged something cool for Christmas Day.

And that’s really what makes this stuff special.


Desktop Gargoyle

I have a thing about Gargoyles – and this chap had to come home with me today.

He came with his own little book, tales of the lore and mythology of these much maligned beasties. This one is to guard me against that most terrible of Evil Spirits, Prevarication.

I think that should be his name.


(You’ll have to excuse the smiley stickers, btw, they were presents from my Cub. And he doesn’t give a monkey’s bum about my desk-cred!)




Books Vs. Cigarettes – New Webcomic!

A while ago, the wondrously talented Sarah Langton and I threw together a cynical slant of a webcomic (I threw, Sarah got dead clever with the drawing).

Now, it has a name and home – find ‘Books Vs. Cigarettes – A Sly Look at the World of Geek Publishing’ in its new place on Geek Syndicate. First episode is here; look out for the second, coming later this week.

We promise to take no prisoners.

And that means you.




No not a certain Turtle-hating Samurai, nor a paper shredder (well, not unless you feel like it), these are exactly the bright steel, skull-knuckled fashion accessory you need to match your latest and darkest ‘rebel’ outfit…

And if you’re still feeling underdressed, you can check out the rest of the range…

(Seriously – while I may be a steel fiend? You really can take this stuff TOO FAR!)

Geek Grrl Kiss

This weekend, since I could attend neither the New York Comic Con, nor the Battle of Hastings, and since tweet- and textage of both has made me seethe with jealousy, I have hunted the web for Hallowe’en goodies to placate my green-eyed monster.

And found these: –

They’re from here, and the site has many more – including sexy zombies, sexy superheroes, sexy villains (are we sensing a theme here?) This rather choice selection though, made me chuckle. Those wings!

One question remains. Are you Catman, Demon, Starchild or Spaceman?

Geek Grrl Footwear

I confess to betraying my gender stereotype – I’m not a shoe person. (Don’t like chocolate much either). These, though, may yet drag me out of my fit-flops.

Not only would they make me well over six foot (win!), but they come with their very own Pikachu – plus an inset and operational Gameboy, ready and waiting for me to have to sit my arse down because the damn things are too high to wear. They must be the ultimate in Geek Grrl footwear.

You can find more glorious wackiness like this at the Virtual Shoe Museum.


Robot Lingerie? Oh Yes!

In the post I wrote on Kapow! I muttered a bit about the t-shirt being the ultimate badge of geek status – it’s all about who’s got the hottest chest.

But who needs a tee when you’ve got robots on your bra?

And (of course) on matching panties.

While I’m not recommending that you wander round a major comic convention in your scanties, you know what they say about good lingerie…

It’s the way it makes you feel that counts.

Find your own robot undies on PocketLint. Or feel free to go and get me some.



Father’s Day Geek Win!

It’s a pretty unholy fusion – geekery and musical theatre were not really meant to be together.

But up in Leicester Square today, it’s been all about Superheroes, Sith Lords, Singers and Pink Drapery as we’ve once again taken up a two-day residence in a West End Live display tent… and proved that Glee isn’t the only thing that can cross that potentially hazardous cultural boundary.

We know the drill – we’ve done this four years running. Armed with a TARDIS, a cut-out of The Doctor and a selection of SF-style helmets and weaponry, we’re there to provide an uber-cool photo op and a chance for the kids to get their hands on (and their head in) a Clone Trooper helm.

But here’s the thing…

It’s not just the kids.

While Mums want a picture of their little’un with Batman, while teen girls squee at even a cardboard Matt Smith, Dad has never outgrown actually being a superhero. Mum will take a goody bag for the kids; Dad will take one for himself as well – and be chuffed as fuck to get a Spider-Man comic. Mum will wander off to watch the cast of Legally Blonde; Dad will stay and tell his kids about Darth Maul.

You know it: it’s always Dad who has to try the Optimus Prime helmet on.

Up at Forbidden Planet, our female customer base is bigger than it’s ever been – we all know there’s a Geek Grrl Revolution going on. But I’ve stood in the back of that tent today and watched a starry-eyed Dad teach his five-year-old correct rifle etiquette with a steampunk-style Annihilator Mk II… and then take a picture that will last him the rest of his life.

It was a tad surreal – but it did underline one thing…

Today is Father’s Day. And it’s been a complete Geek Dad Win!

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