Empire State Launch

Point before opening: filming Adam reading from Empire State has apparently done for my little Lumix camera. Dagnabbit, there was going to be video footage and everything.

Anyway. Where was I?

I was here: debut signings at FP. Thanks to the meticulous records of Mr. Veasey, we’ve had a look back through them – at Gareth Powell, at Mark Charan Newton, at Scott Lynch, to name but a few. I haven’t got accurate attendance figures, but Adam’s was way up there – an event that came together with support from family and friends, journos and bloggers, publisher(s) and fans, where every layer of the industry joins in to give someone a proper flying start.

And Adam (I must stop thinking of him as @ghostfinder, damn you Twitter!) is the New Face in more ways than one. This is not only a new book – this is a new World. The Empire State really is a parallel dimension – in the World-Builder project, everyone can play. It hearkens back to the gaming of my youth; those bright-eyed and idealistic role-playing sessions where there was no GM and everyone could share in the creativity, man. This time, though, I suspect a stronger structure *g*.

Find details of the Empire State World-Builder, and how you can help create and populate it, here.

Thank you to Lee and AR for their support, and for bringing both Adam and the Empire State to us… and to everyone who came and broke that bottle of champagne over the author’s head.

The humble book signing is currently subject to a lot of doom-saying – I’m sure I don’t need to go into why. Events like last night prove that ‘doom’ is not necessarily the case.

What is, is change.

*Never* be afraid to do the new thing.