Hippo Butt Chair

f84d2083c8476bfe4aa35319c52830bfNo, I don’t have a Hippo Butt personally (though if I eat too much more cake that may change ), but I AM moving house soon, and I’m looking for cool stuff with which to make a new flat… erm… unique?

This fine fellow comes from Oddity Mall. By the copy, it’s life size, and part of a family that includes several of its grey and wrinkly cousins – enough for an entire sofa safari, by the looks of it.

A snip at $95,000. I wonder if they do a 3 for 2?

(Footnote: guys at Oddity – the phrase ‘Unique Gifts For Men’ gets you a slap, k? Every woman wants a hippo in her front room!)





Danie’s Toys

I’m hoping to write a weekly Toys post – though it won’t be weekly, and is unlikely to be (all) about toys…

As I sit here, the guys are unpacking our haul of goodies from San Diego – there’s a tidal wave of samples flooding through the office.

I love toy culture.  Gadgets.  Gags.  Collectables.  I have an ever-growing menagerie of art toys above my writing desk and constantly lust after, though never buy, the beautiful works crafted by such companies as Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant.  Everything from Tokidoki to Steampunk makes me wish that I could fill my house full of wonders…

But that would be getting creepy.

In this little space, then, I’d like to share the goodies I find.  I can’t promise it’ll be weekly, nor that it will be all utterly toy-focussed.  As the culture expands to include Hello Kitty branded chainsaws, (just for example), some opportunities simply write themselves.  I can’t even promise that it’ll always be entirely SFW – though I will warn you if it’s not!

This is not a blog, and it’s not a showcase for my employer.

It’s a little corner for me to shout about the stuff I love!

Heresy and The Tenth Doctor

Okay, you got me… I never really liked Tennant as Who.

Before you stone me for heresy, though, I’m a child of the Seventies and Tom will always be the Doctor to me. I miss the jelly babies and the scarf; I miss the voice and the humour and his wonderful, powerful presence. Seeing him on stage at the SFX Weekender, last year, was a throwback to my SF roots.


Having said that, Titan Merch have just released images of their latest 9” limited edition maxi-bust featuring Tennant as the Tenth Doctor – and I might just change my mind. It’s gorgeous. It’s got the pose, it’s got the stare, it’s got the tight sense of dynamism and the posture and the sharp suit. It’s even got the sonic screwdriver.

There’s a strong sense of motion to the flow of the garments – his energy is palpable. Hell, he almost looks like he’d move.

My son is a Tennant Fan – I guess we all fall for the Doc we grew up with. And looking at this particular release, I’m wondering if he might have a point after all.

He’s startlingly contemporary – and I guess you do have to move with the times. He is the Doctor, after all.