The Cardboard Cunt Post

So – some bright spark finds their way to this blog with the search term ‘cardboard cunt’. Thanks to the wisdom of @catmachine, I feel I should at least provide them with an answer.

So here are the top ten stupid search terms that have brought people to my blog…


10: ‘SIZE 32 DRESSES’ – Now, I realise that I have a little more curve these days, but that’s a little unkind, don’t you think? A little exaggerated? Or are there two of me?

09: ‘SOON OF ANARCHY’ – No, that’s not a misspelling. I feel that this is some sort of political uprising that’s just around the corner…. any minute now…

08: ‘FUCK YOU TWITTER BIRD’ – Let’s face it, we’ve ALL had that feeling!

07: ‘PROTO COCKROACHES’ – I’m in the dark with this one. What in the ever loving fuck is a proto cockroach? Should it be hyphenated – proto-cockroach? Is this some kind of pre-emptive strategy for the insectiod invasion? I find myself slightly concerned.

06: ‘THE MOST DANGEROUS THING IN THE UNIVERSE’ – well, where else would this be? Foxsake.

05: ‘BANANA’S HAVING SEX’ – this one comes complete with apostrophe. Obviously, Banana is a proper name and he (that’s an assumption) is enjoying his actions. I would love to know the identity of Banana’s partner/s…

04: ‘CHRIST BELL OF CONFESSION’ – this one worries me rather. There’s a whole Catholic thing… yeah. I’m sure you understand.

03: ‘GAMBAR GAMBAR HARDCORE’ – you WHAT now? Is this some Anime ‘Legend of the Overfiend’ tentacle sex thing? I’m not sure if this worries me more or less than the Bell of Confession, above. Is there a correlation that we need to be aware of?

02: ‘TWITTER TITS’ – serious for a moment, this hearkens from the early days of twitter when certain ladies posted (decent) pictures of their bewbage for breast cancer awareness. Can’t think why it’s still popular…

01: ‘CARDBOARD CUNT’ – frankly, your guess is as good as mine…

Anyway, having now furnished this blog with a fascinating scatter of choice keywords, here they are in a Wordle.

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