The Art of the Brick

The epitome of a win-win? Lego and Batman. We knew this already.

If you go to The Art of the Brick, though, it takes on a whole new lustre. (And it’s not just all black. Or very dark grey). And Bats has brought his signal, his friends, his foes, his cars, his multi-coloured masks, and some lovely cinematics… as well as Supe in every guise, Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet (yes really), The Flash and some classic DC comics covers all laid out in brickwork.

Plus there’s Lego to play with, and the ubiquitous Lego shop that will make you wish you’d bought more money – or less kids. Even the big ones.

Go – you’ll never look at Lego the same way!

Bat Cuffs

With the rise and rise of The New 52, I thought these were rather topical.

If only for cuffing yourself to the collectable briefcase that you’ve stored your shiny new comics in.

The image came from here (and I’m not entirely sure it counts as SFW, though it *is* only one man’s love of handcuffs…)