Whither Bartemkin: What Happens When It Goes Wrong?

The saying goes: you learn nothing from success.
In the UK, the wooden ship of my reckless marketeering has a rocket-powered propulsion system. Take away the Forbidden Planet brand; row the same ship into a much larger, faster marina… and Bart, apparently, loses his head.
It seems the dynamic fusion of art toys with social media will wait for another day.
The idea’s sound – see Phil Campbell’s wonderful shots of his signed Thor helm – but its execution? Needs the right arena.
This weekend, this rocket-propelled ship powers into waters where it’s very well known – along with a rabble of my colleagues, I’ll be at Orbital, the 2008 EasterCon, selling three years’ worth of signed books and goodies to the voracious fanboy public.
Guests of honour include Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross and China Mieville; there will be many other authors and artists there who’ve wielded sharpies for FP in the past – and know a thing or two about wacky art.
I’ve secured a new urban vinyl toy, larger than his Bart predecessor as I have a lot more time, and a far better unity of concept with market. Everything else remains the same – the idea of auctioning a one-off, totally unique art toy, a piece of urban vinyl history, will go ahead as planned – it’ll just take a little longer.
And that’s a good thing – time to learn, think and strategise and time to build a proper story.
As to Bart? Sadly returning home in an in a(u)ctionable condition, he’s enjoying a happy retirement. He’s sitting on my desk in my bedroom as my personal folly; I’ll make a donation to the Frozen Pea Fund myself for my mad-eyed souvenir.
Thank you to adelemcalear and colleencoplick, and to philcampbell and documentally for their performance as Norse Gods – and to all the people who put pen to plastic.
And keep an eye open – more art toy wackiness will ensue!

Eat My Shorts: Art, Bart and Frozen Peas

This weekend, Bart Simpson is gatecrashing SxSW.
Sneaking out of Forbidden Planet, he’s hitched a lift with philcampbell to take ambassadorial advantage of adelemcalear and collencoplick. Yes, my Twitter budz are guerrilla marketeering for FP – and cash-raising for the Frozen Pea Fund.
Any Brit will tell you: FP are the cutting edge of new toys and trends. Bart stands 10” tall, is made from pure white vinyl and represents the perfect fusion of the urban Art Toy sensation with the massive pop culture credibility of The Simpsons.
He’s as hot as toys can get and he’s coming to a SxSW bar near YOU.

When you see him, please take a moment and marker pen and sign him.
The more signatures Bart collects, the happier he gets – and the more funds he’ll raise for the Frozen Pea Fund when loudmouthman and danacea put him up for auction!
Please remember that, being Bart, he likes attention – as he tours the event, collecting signatures, doodles and reputation, his progress will be photographed, blogged and recorded. Each person who signs him will be remembered and thanked… and the more names, of course, the better his sale will be.
Watch this space for Bart’s continuing adventures!