Launch of a new site? Needs one thing.


Well, it got it. At 8:30 last Tuesday morning I went flying over the handlebars of someone else’s bicycle and the next thing I saw was the tarmac. Hard.

The thing I saw after that was blood. Lots.

The irony of being run down by a cyclist is deliciously wicked – but there’s a much darker and more savage irony to it being on the morning after the first of the London riots.

As the city was picking herself up and asking herself what the fuck just happened, people were looking at me like I’d stashed my hoodie and my brand new flatscreen just out of view. It was a chilling thing – and had an impact all of its own.

Even up at Guy’s hospital – and I can’t sing their praises enough, they were amazing – they were making jokes at my expense. I think it’s their way of coping. And since then, the askance glances have been very peculiar, almost ostracising things.

The rioting caused horror and fear – and out of this spun a powerful sense of community. The really striking thing about this injury has been finding myself, even the faintest whisper of a hint of a suggestion, on the outside of that community.

Now that has impact.

This blog post was going to be about my contract, and my forthcoming novels, and how it feels to have achieved one of my biggest ambitions and welcome to my new blog and yadda yadda… but I’m sure I’ll get to that.

Sometimes, impact is all about exclusion – you need to be on the outside of something to realise just how damned powerful it really is.