The Third Doctor and the Weeping Angels

Once upon a time, there was hiding behind the sofa.

Before I grew big enough to watch Tom’s showdowns with Davros – or to get girly over Peter’s cricketing whites (sshh!) – the Third Doctor was the Main Man of the early Seventies. Elegant, well-presented, with authority, presence and a flair for technology – you got to love a man in frills who takes out the bad guys with Venusian Aikido.

Today, my six-year-old son isn’t having this sofa crap, he’s completely enwrapped in Doctor Who. He’s a Tennant-fan (fairly obviously!) but likes to play games of imagination featuring his favourite Bad Guys. Daleks and Cyberman dominate – but he and I both are tranfixed by a more up-to-date Nasty...

The latest releases for Titan Merchandise, both these characters are now available as 8″ maxi-busts, with the kind of high-quality sculpting that makes me wish I didn’t have two left hands.

Though they do make me think… what would happen if they ever actually met…

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