So.Me, So.You, So What?

So. What were you doing, the Night Before The Net?

I was in the pub. I was round my mates’. I was running round with a sword in all weathers. I was singing round bonfires and waking up, sweating under canvas, still young enough to be hangover free.

My mates were the most important things in the world – and we moved mountains.

Cue a post that’s been stewing for weeks.

It started the evening I saw ‘City of Men’ (appropriately a very human and empathic film); it’s spanned a couple of Friday mornings at the Tuttle and got pissed at the MOO Party. It’s had lunch in Hyde Park with @markmedia and @iankath and it’s hit crystallisation upon realising that @annohio, always Champion of the Social, has moved her blog.

Whatever sites, platforms, methods of online communication we choose – they’re just the framework.

The framework for the people.

Somehow, I had lost this.

Attending the Tuttle has been a slow sartori. Friday mornings at the Coach and Horses offer coffee, croissant and conversation – and a range of people who cover every angle, business and level of experience. It’s encouraging and encompassing and there’s always someone with an answer.

London, then, has a very strong Social Media community – precisely because ‘hub’ events like the MOO Party bring us all together, face-to-face; they reinforce existing bonds, forge new ones and provide a riverhead for ideas and motion.

It’s common sense, isn’t it?

So: how did I lose sight of the First Rule?

If you follow my Tweets, you probably know I can’t get to many of these events. In the great arena of ‘be noticed: be seen!’ I rattle my tin mug up and down The Bars of SAHM and rely on Friday avatars to make up my social shortfall.

My web community has kept me sane, given me focus, helped my business and occasionally got me into mischief…

…but somehow, like a bad retail manager, I’d lost touch with the shop floor – the basics I instinctively understood in my fighting-Viking twenties.

Thanks to a little freedom, I finally have them back.

The ‘social’ in Social Media means ‘people’ – it means being sat in the pub, talking it up after your second pint. It means meeting-up with those in your city and tweeting-up with those stopping by; it means getting off your geeky arse and getting out from behind your screen.

I remember now.

This isn’t So.Me – this is So.Cial.

I can be a right fucking idiot, sometimes.

5 thoughts on “So.Me, So.You, So What?

  1. What really makes it clear that these tools are full of people is when the all too human failings of people flood through. In some areas, where sheer volume of contacts felt important for a while, it’s becoming clear that it is the quality- the quality of the human relationships- that really matters.

  2. You describe the networks as ‘tools’ and you’re quite right – and there are tools that tally our presence upon those tools, and they assume that numbers = credibility/influence.That’s how we’re represented to the Great Wide Web.It’s iconised by the shift in meaning of the word ‘friend’.Oddly though, I have genuinely made new friends – real friends – though the tools we use :)

  3. Danie,Thanks for the heads up about your post, you are using tools to not be a tool!Well done.. It’s warm and fluffy to touch base, I often think So.Me is just about being in the pub too:, aside from all this fluffy shenanigans you are also using So.Me for business too… that is NOT pub stuff, that is not a few pints, that’s marketing and branding the art of persuasion.. lot’s of people miss that, or worse confuse it.Rock n roll DanieChris

  4. I think that depends on your business – and where the demographic is found that you’re working with. My partner is in Theatre – his business networking is *always* done in the pub. In the world of ‘pro-fanity’ (literally!), I made a huge amount of new business networking by being at EasterCon – both in the Dealers’ Room and in the bar.But yes – there’s a time and place for all things :)

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