So… what IS the most dangerous thing in the Universe?!

You’re a writer, right? And you’re stuck?

When you ask Google – or Jeeves – a question, you’ll get an answer. It’ll be dry, it’ll be humourless, but (assuming you’ve asked the question correctly) you’ll get what you were after.

When you ask Twitter a question, THIS is what happens…

@Danacea Cub Question du Jour: Mummy, What’s the most dangerous thing in the Universe?

Replies received went as follows: –

@Becca_Masters in all honesty it’s probably humans!!!
@Steve_G A collision between matter and anti-matter? That should keep ‘em quiet for a while :)
@RyanMacG Mums :P
@daphneblake eating too much candy and watching Hannah Montana
@ALRutter Boredom
@bobcatrock my inner-hippy immediately said “a closed mind!”
@pandermoanium gossip
@garenewing the Universe itself!
@justinpickard – Sharks with laser beams? Or a supernova? Though the second answer, when explained, might cause more problems that it solves
@SamSykesSwears Desire
@frandowdsofa Mummies
@Big_Jim religion. Or Galactus. Your choice.
@ALRutter Religion
@destroytheearth “Questions, so shhh!”
@Entorien Seriously? The Human Race. Non-seriously? The Cookie Monster.
@Entorien Or if you’re feeling really deep and thoughtful, and your Cub’s as smart as he sounds… ignorance ;-p
@sennydreadful Spiders. Yeah, I know that mostly they’re harmless, but that’s just because they haven’t revealed their plans yet.
@neilbeynon A big red button marked Do Not Press
@mrdomrocks [shortened version from Twitlonger] People.
@davecl42 Black hole? Gamma Ray burst? Dalek??
@Shockwave A woman locked out of a 95% off shoe sale
@Faithful_Shadow The teen says pissed off mum
@stephenjsweeney Cheese
@x_richard_x Daleks, cybermen, a woman scorned?
@ghostfinder Anti-matter!
@talithabee A curious mind
@Faithful_Shadow my vote goes for black holes
@Rhiarti Stupidity
@beaki gamma rays
@brendajos tell him girls that aren’t mummy
@leighjohnston Quasar?
@kevmceigh Simon Cowell
@dracona1031 I’m not sure Daleks count any more, now that they come in Fisher Price colors…
@Herne politicians

@Von_Cheam Chinese-built motorcycles

This list has omitted those of you with protected streams, the debate between @ghostfinder and @davecl42 about the nature of Quasars, and the venn diagram overlapping Religion and Desire as outlined by @SamSykesSwears… just an extra level of involvement to put a blue bird on your shoulder.

But… you’re a writer, right? And you’re stuck? That’s over thirty answers to a single tweeted question – all creative, all with a sense of humour, all with insight and each with a personal slant. That’s fodder for fucking days.

The most dangerous thing in the Universe? Is bloody Twitter.

I was going to thank people in my twitterstream, but you’re all too cool *laughing!*

So – who’s going to pick a favourite?!

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