The Daleks and the Geek Mum Win

My son loves Doctor Who.

He’s five – and it’s become his story and his focus. Sod Ben 10, stuff Transformers, and Batman is just so over… Who is where it’s at.

And nothing makes him jump up and down on the sofa (hiding’s for wusses) like the appearance of the Daleks.

I remember hiding from them; they were wonderfully scary. Now I’m having to remember the 1980s plotlines as my son Isaac will quiz me about every decision Davros ever made and who where the Kaleds anyway…

…my job, sometimes, is a life-saver in more than one way!

Now the Daleks (with a little help for Professor Bracewell) have finally machined some help for my plight.

One fully functional radio controlled Ironside with full 360-degree movement and flashing lights and speech and poseable gun and arm and yadda yadda… BUT WE CAN MAKE THEM FIGHT.

Two Daleks, twelve batteries and one very excited small child later…

…there are no more questions about Davros.

And I have a Geek Mum Win.

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