People Like Us

In 2004, on the occasion of his first official signing at one of his favourite stores, Simon Pegg asked what had become of the ‘original’ Forbidden Planet poster. He remembered it from the store’s Denmark Street days, from spending his pocket money as a kid.

When I first stuck my nose into social media, I came face-to-screen with a history of the company I’d been aware of – but had never witnessed the strength of first-hand. So many people; so many memories… and always, always attached back to one particular design.

‘People Like Us’, drawn in 1978 by a then up-and-coming artist who’s gone on to become one of the most famous names in comic book history. He is, of course, Brian Bolland.

From cult comic beginnings, Forbidden Planet has grown into the icon of Geek Chic, setting the trend for the new age of cool. This year, as the company hits 30, it remembers who it was – and celebrates who it’s become – by rediscovering Brian’s original art.

Thanks to Mister Pegg, to Nik lamenting the loss of the Denmark Street site, to a particular tee found on Welchtoon’s Flickr, and to many others, ‘People Like Us’ is due to make a formal re-appearance.

While we’re waiting to get our hands (claws, tentacles or other appendages) on it, though, we can show off how much we know about 30 years of science fiction here.

Place a vote for your favourites from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy and cult entertainment – and be in with a chance to win £300 worth of vouchers.

And make sure you keep them in a safe place… you never know what they might come in useful for…

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