Don’t Lose Your Phreadz

I’ve been meaning to give the video blog thing a go for a while, but my new involvement in the ‘closed beetroot’ testing of Kosso’sPhreadz’ has given me the boot up my butt I needed to get me started.

Phreadz has appealed to me as marketeer, as retailer and as customer; it illustrates how well constructed something can be when it’s strategised from the outset with a clear model in mind. I can’t offer you insight on its technical expertise – but, in this concise overview of my initial thoughts, I can explain why I feel it’s had such a strong impact.

The relevance of Phreadz to a retail business is tied up in its use of channels – of course – in the same way that online retailers channel their products into departments, and their newsletters into demographic relevancy. We all know that successful marketing is about targeting your information – and here is a way that we can do that within a video forum.

Tightly streamlined, and moving ever-forward >>

One of the marvelous things about social media is that you never cease to break new boundaries – wherever those boundaries may be for you personally, they’re still there to be broken.

I guess that’s called making phread-way?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Phreadz

  1. Thanks Danie!It’s things like this that keep me encouraged and inspired to make Phreadz the best it can be – for all people, from all angles. When someone recently asked on Phreadz what their favourite feature is – it’s an easy one for me to answer: It’s YOU! The users! :)

  2. The problem is… that so many of us have asked to be allowed to participate without any response at all that it’s kind of leaving that bitter taste in the mouth.I suspect that when Phreadz does go open to the public, I won’t be rushing to sign up.Getting a little sick of hearing “how wonderful” this closed service is from a small group. At least Seesmic let us in when we asked.:(

  3. The small number of people involved in Phreadz (and believe me when I say I was not expecting to be one of them!) is more about unrolling a business plan slowly to ensure optimum success of site and service than it is about creating some ‘closed group’.I appreciate ‘that’s easy for me to say’, but this is a new venture, learning from the experience of its predecessors – and from its own growth.Give it time – I think it will be worth it!

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