The Best Comics Events

Sometimes, you need to get back to your roots. And if you’re Forbidden Planet, that means COMICS!

We’re delighted to be welcoming: –

Thursday 28th January 6 – 7pm: PAUL CORNELL signing Captain Britain

Thursday 4th February 5:30 – 7pm: THE 45 EVENT from Com.X

Friday 25th February 6 – 7pm: ANDY DIGGLE & JOCK signing The Losers

In Captain Britain and MI13: Vampire State, Paul brings us the tale of the King of the Vampires – and he’s back! What does he want with Spitfire? And how will an election help his cause? Surely Captain Britain and the rest of MI13 have a way to defeat him! Plus: Meggan is Captain Britain’s wife, an X-Man in Hell. she get back to Earth in time to help her husband turn back Dracula and his evil invasion?

Our ‘45’ event brings together Andi Ewington and an all-star creator-cast for one of our famous and trademark free-form signings – no tables, no queues. With an array of fantastic Com.X titles on hand, this event blows away the barriers and gives readers and fans a change to mix and chat on a less formal level, grab some great sketches, and really find out what goes on in the world of comics!

Needing no introduction, The Losers was winner of the Best New Comic, National Comics Awards 2004, and nominated for the Best New Series, Eisner Awards 2004 – and it’s now a major motion picture. Come and meet the creators!

And look out for Mike Carey’s ‘The Unwritten’ – scribbling at an FP near you (no bogus identities promise) in March!

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