Republic Commando Invasion!

First, we had Commander Bly – then the Galactic Marine. Now, Forbidden Planet and Gentle Giant bring you: the Republic Commandos.

Over the years, top toy and figure sculptors Gentle Giant have received many requests for the Delta Squad Clone Troopers from the Lucasarts video game Republic Commando – now, they take that invasion worldwide.

Each of the four Commandos is being launched at ONE place in the world – Forbidden Planet will be launching the London figure, the bust ‘Sev’, on 30th January. We will also have very limited amounts of the other three – ‘Boss’ (USA), ‘Fixer’ (Japan) and ‘Scorch’ (the Netherlands).

Plus, you can meet the Gentle Giant himself, Karl Meyer, there to sign these incredibly limited edition pieces.

There will be free Star Wars bust-ups and prize draws for Gentle Giant goodies. Randomly selected winners will have their features digitally scanned – and one lucky winner will have their head placed upon a totally unique Star Wars bust.

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