The Ultimate Geek Gift

Somehow, Christmas is always associated with films by Tim Burton – maybe it’s the ‘snow’ theme, or the annual resurgence of Jack Skellington – he’s become as seasonal as looking forward to your stocking on Christmas morning.

And this year sees the release of ‘The Art of Tim Burton’, the ultimate insight, an astounding, definitive compilation of forty years of the master’s artistry. Containing over 1,000 illustrations from his personal archives, it follows his passion for humanity‚Äôs oddities and misunderstood monsters through 434 pages of fascinating, beautifully showcased artwork – furnished with the thoughts, anecdotes and insights of his many friends and condifidantes.

Also available is a Deluxe Edition that comes with a hand-signed and numbered lithograph (1,000 in total). Each of these rare and collectible books come in a fabric-wrapped slipcase through which the dramatic, spiral cover will still be visible.

Ideal to ensuring you have no nightmares before Christmas!

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