And Pastures New – Again

With a certain irony (a week after celebrating my Handiwork anniversary), I am again looking for work. I’m not going to go off on one here, there’s really no point – I liked working for Jon and for Handiwork Games, they were lovely people. They felt like a proper family and the stuff they produce is absolutely beautiful. I felt very fortunate to be there, and to have found the place so quickly after leaving FP.

But times and things change, and off we go again. It isn’t ideal at fifty-something – it feels (again) like a leap out into the dark – but there’s no need to immediately panic. I am still writing and Handiwork have been more than fair about ending the contract. 

I would love to go back to the world of books and comics; it’s where I’ve spent much of the last twenty years (most of my life, in fact). And the last year-plus has taught me that working from home is quite achingly lonely, so it would good to get out of the house.

But more than that… who knows?

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