Handiwork Anniversary!

So, I started at Handiwork Games a year ago today.

It’s been a different experience – a small indie company with a very personable reach out. Almost everyone who finds both BEOWULF and a|state becomes part of the Handiwork family, chiming in on the Discord and swapping books, ideas, gaming stories, opportunities, artwork, you name it.

It certainty seems that I’ve come full circle, back to my RPG roots, spending my days in a celebration of numerous other worlds.

Art by Jon Hodgson

BEOWULF is a triumph of creativity. The love that has gone into creating it is absolutely staggering, love – and knowledge. It’s not a retelling, it’s an inspiration, Gods and monsters, arms and armour, a authentic nod to Anglo-Saxon society that includes women in sensible armour and lead roles, and dark-skinned characters who have sailed the Whale Road. 

Art by Paul Bourne

And the forthcoming a|state is absurdly exciting. I had little knowledge of Kickstarter (other than backing bits and pieces) but watching it launch was fantastic, and its sheer immensity is just staggering. It’s baroque and dilapidated, sprawling and semi-sentient, and the BitD system is both fascinating and completely to new to me. I can’t wait to see what it becomes.

Plus, who doesn’t love being up to their ears in a squillion pretty gaming accessories?


It feels funny, as ever, for my youthful loves to have become mainstream. After years of running around frantically, dealing with jobs and events and schools and paperwork and all the bloody stuff that pre-teen kids do in the evenings – ferrying my son here there and everywhere to ensure he gets to the things… it’s been crazy. But it’s all calm now – eighteen months after walking out of the office for the last time (and thinking that Covid was a humorous interlude, I’m finally relaxing into the idea of ‘more time’ – and the realisation that the humble RPG has come so far.

I may be speaking too soon, of course (waits for the bang), but it’s all pretty cool.

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