The Rose In Anger

The Rose In Anger

Been a couple of people asking, so…

The Rose in Anger is the third part of the Sister Augusta story, following on from The Bloodied Rose and Wreck and Ruin. (You can probably count Mercy as the prologue).

Every time I’ve written an Augusta story, I’ve tried to make it different – a different context, or different bad guys, or a different mission parameter and brief. And this one sees the mini-trilogy ending with our trusty Sisters rolling out the Rhinos and fucking shit up.

It was an interesting thing to write, and probably the hardest of the three (learned a LOT about tanks); having been in both the Cadets and TA, squad-level military tactics are something I know very well, but this was a whole new experience.

I am rather fond of the Big Nasty, though – it might well be my favourite Boss of the lot.

Novella Series Three

Find the full run of novellas on the Black Library website, and, while I’m very sorry there will be no Weekender this year for the series to be loosed properly into the wild, I hope you enjoy the read, come November!


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