An Admission…

Prior to lockdown, I was in panic mode, first thing every morning, because I had half-an-hour FLAT do my daily wordcount. Only 500 words, but I barely had time to even read it through. I (literally) had to sit down and plug myself straight back in.

When I came to sort out the edit, it was a bit of a mess. (I’d actually managed to write the same scene in two different places in the book – work that one out!)

Fortunately, I’ve had the time to sort it and was happy with it when I sent it in. Booyah.

When lockdown started, I was over the moon with all the time – I would be able to write all of the things that I wanted to write, and not have to panic…

But, of course, it’s not worked out that way.

Too much time, I’ve discovered, is much of a problem as too little. Yes, I can still write 2,500 words a day, with a full head of steam… but I have space to let in the doubts. When I have time to sprawl, I’m forever second guessing things, unpicking things, undermining my own plotlines, going back to earlier scenes in the MS because something else will work better, and then rewriting everything… honestly, I’ve been driving myself up the wall.

And (ironically) producing less total wordcount that I did on half an hour every morning.

I’ve also been hopping from project to project, which is crazy, and really hasn’t helped.

So, I’m having to bite some bullets, make some admissions. Schedules and structures really matter. Daily wordcount having to be a Thing, after all. Annoyingly, it’s not something I’ve ever previously believed in because, in a former life, I’ve ended up writing any old thing to just make the target…

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