Interview with Erika Sampaio

As a thank you to Erika, who did such a beautiful job of illustrating Caph and Aden from Children of Artifice, some questions about her art, what inspires her to draw, and the things that she has drawn in the past!

Q) What inspired you to start drawing?

– As a child, when watching cartoons – I started to feel like i want to participate in that fictional world in some way. I didn’t just want to reproduce or copy what I saw, I wanted to create a version of me (kind of) in that universe. When i started to watch Pokemon, for exemple, i wanted to create my own pokemon trainer, even my own pokemons and their evolutions. Every book, comic, film that i liked was the same thing, so i decided to start drawing to give life to that characters of mine.

Q) Which artists do you admire?
– Oh, there are so many i follow and love!  But here are some who influenced me in creating my artstyle: Rebecca Guay, Erica Williams, Lorena Lammer, Djamila Knopf, and some old masters like Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.

Q) What do you like drawing most?
– Fantasy stuff for sure! Knights (specially women knights!), elves, magic creatures and weapons, all that kind of stuff with tons of details, patterns and arabesques.

Q) How do you find that Social Media feedback has affected your drawing?
– Goes in both ways. It affected me positively because it enabled me to show what I do to more people and thus have the chance to get more jobs and befriend other artists as well. But it affected me in a negative way too because i created a constant demand on me for always to be posting something. I have this sensation that if i’m not posting, the people will forget about me, about my drawings. I’m working on it and I demand myself a lot less now.

Q) Is there something – or someone – you’ve always wanted to draw and haven’t (yet)?– Yes, there is! I always wanted to do a fantasy book cover! i would love (and probably freak out) if I went to a bookstore and saw a book with an illustration of mine on the cover.

Q) If you could go anywhere in the world and draw the place/people, where would it be?– Oh, my…just one place? Taj Mahal, for sure. I only know the place through photos and documentaries, it would be a dream to visit it some day.

Q) Share with us a piece of art that you’re particularly proud of!
– This piece with my OCs (original characters) Lunnadan and Ranah. With this illustration I finally started to feel that i’m finally reaching a artstyle of mine and because of it too i started to receive commissions to make pieces with this style and theme i love so much.

Find Erika on Artstation – here!

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