SF Scoop of the Week: Kell’s Legend Promo Video

One hot piece of new SF/F news! The promo-vid to Andy Remic’s KELL’S LEGEND, just landed in my Inbox!

Got rather a shock when my own voice was the first thing I heard – a huge thank you to the Remic powerhouse for asking me to contribute.

Seriously – love this vid (though I’m not a Twilight fan!). Manages to be bloody and subtle, dark and monochome, very atmospheric. Works well without a script and allows the guys at th3m1ss1ng to really show what they can do. Music videos for book promos? Hell yes!

Get your mitts on Kell’s Legend, published by Angry Robot Books!

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2 thoughts on “SF Scoop of the Week: Kell’s Legend Promo Video

  1. Okay, it's like Onibaba, but not in Japanese and they're wearing more clothes and the budget's a little less; but the long waving grass is good. Long waving grass is always good!Congratulations.

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