Education by Osmosis: The BERG cloud Little Printer

Little PrinterA while back, I was given a BERG cloud Baby Printer by the lovely people at Vitaminwater UK. Now, I thought this was pretty cool… but my son (nine) has decided that it’s the best toy in the WORLD.


Well: a quick and easy lesson in giving your child an education they don’t know they’re getting…

This BERG cloud printer links back to a social landing page/site that gives a choice of multiple mini-publications. It’s like having all the best puzzle and info pages of your favourite magazines, and being able to pick and choose all your own interests, all of them in bite-size pieces. From immediate business data to cat-of-the-day, you can streamline your printer’s output to suit to your needs exactly.

It has a social media link too – you can find Instagram and Flickr activity, or the top tweets of the day. It also links to printers owned by your friends, but this one hasn’t got that far yet (potential forthcoming discussion on event information, organisation and marketing, just for example, by use of the Printer network… but that’s one for later)!

At the moment, this wee beastie beside me here is linked up to offer sneaky snippets of education. At a given time, it’ll print out a fragment of Chinese etymology, or the constellations over our heads, or a few lines of poetry – there are some cats and some games in there as well. In short, every time the light comes on, my son – literally – comes running to press the button to see what the printer is going to show him.

IMG_1579He’s hoarding the printouts, as well.

Talk about a major win. I’m a big believer in children learning by osmosis, learning while having fun – and this little printer is doing a truly sterling job.

Quite apart from the social, communication and marketing potential, mentioned briefly above (check their site if you’d like to know more), the educational potential of this little thing is really very impressive.

More like it, please!

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