No Excuses: Write!

No TimeIt’s all too easy to find excuses. No time, no energy. You’re thinking about too many other things – and even if you do write, your plotlines get scrabbled, and your characters go off at tangents. It’s hard to keep the whole thing in your head. Sometimes, in the interests of hitting daily and weekly targets (and I’ve talked about this stuff before) you write stuff down… and it’s only when you come back and read it that you realise you were writing any old crap just to get the job done…

Break out the violins. It’s been a <very> long month.

In the last few days, though, I’ve completed the final proofread of Ecko Burning and had a chance to read it through, cover to cover, and then to carry that plotline forward into the WIP, Ecko III (it’s called Endgame, in my head, but that may not end up on the cover!). To be blunt, I’ve had a chance to see the appalling effects of writing when you’re bloody knackered.


But. Some focus and rest, some sunshine here and a G&T there, plus some fairly ruthless applications of the big red pen, and it’s actually all hanging together much, much better than I’d thought. Tying up a big narrative like this, all of the odds and sods, is a hefty job – and I want it right.

The point to all this waffle? It’s taken me two days to go through Ecko III and hack it into shape. It’s meant a lot of Tetris, and stuff on the cutting room floor – but the work is better for it. Tighter, and the plotlines are strong.

I guess the moral of the story is this: no matter how busy or how tired you are, write. It may be scrappy, and need work, and not your best stuff – but you’ll be a hell of a lot better off than if you had to do it from scratch.

However you fold time to make it happen – no excuses.

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