Max Brooks Did Not Write This Blog Post

P1050317But he tells a mean anecdote, chats to everybody and is in equal parts charming, shameless, insightful and very funny. He also wields possibly the swiftest pen we’ve ever seen. (Look out Dave Gibbons, that’s your record he’s challenging!)

P1050323He’s happy to help out wherever, to judge best-dressed Zombie competitions, to take merciless Sharpie revenge on the film’s promotional poster, and to wield wit well-worthy of his father. Max’s presence left all of us for (un)dead.

PlottingMore than anything, perhaps more so than any other author we’ve met, he felt strongly the changes from book to film – the loss of control, the distance that becomes necessary. The movie is not what Max wrote – he can scribble on posters and tease the director about this openly – but the undeath of your own text must be a very strange feeling.

Nimba CreationsAlong for the day were also Tom and Siobhan from Nimba Creations, with a masterclass in the finest zombie make-up…

War Face…Tim from the Empire in Leicester Square, volunteering for latex fun…

DistractoGirl!…Jenni, the almost-winner of the Twitter contest…

IMG_1285…and Luke Smith who’s ten-minute alleyway transformation from living to undead earned him Zombie of the Day, and Nimba’s gloriously gruesome prize mask.

Street War ZPlus a final and SPECIAL thank you to Jamie for eyeball cupcakes, hammocks and survival fun…

WWZI’m never going ANYwhere without this bag!!

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