A Quick’n’Dirty Post about the SF Weekender!

sci-fiweekender_506eaac9f294fThis is post where the author puts up their schedule for the Con – you know the ones: this panel, this talk, this signing, this kaffeklastch (if you’re lofty enough to have earned such things), and then I’ll be in the bar. If it’s the SF(X) Weekender, it normally comes with a reminder to take your own toilet roll, towel and sense of humour.

Take the bar as read, the sense of humour as blue, and the Forbidden Planet trading table as where you’ll usually find it – and it seems that the Haven on offer this year is a cut above some of the comedy chalets we’ve deloused in the past.

I even hear rumours of Laser Quest.

My own schedule is, as ever, fairly straightforward – you’ll find me behind the Forbidden Planet trading table and (at at least one point) changing hats to take a seat (if you see what I mean) and joining Peter V Brett to deface some books.

As ever, the FP table will be hosting a series of such events throughout the weekend, so do make a note:-

14:00 – Stacia Kane and Francis Knight (following ‘Here Come the Girls’ panel)
15:00 – David Moody (following ‘Here Come the Boys’ panel)
16:00 – Paul Cornell and Christopher Brookmyre (following ‘Have I Got News For You’ on the main stage)

13:00 – Gareth L Powell (following ‘It’s The End’ panel)
16:00 – Peter Brett and Danie Ware (following ‘Fantasy Worlds’ panel)
17:00 – Hugh Howey (following interview on the main stage)
18:00 – Simon Morden and James Smythe (following ‘Asimov’ panel)

So please come and join us, buy books, meet authors, talk geek, and make sure you save enough energy for Craig Charles on Saturday night.

After all, he is bringing the funk back.


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