Ecko Cover Blurbs

To say I’m chuffed to death would be one serious fucking understatement…

“I motored through this book. It’s a page turner and I’ll be getting hold of the next one.” – Neal Asher

“Not your usual uber-capitalist dystopia.  Not your usual fantasy/sci-fi genre mash-up.  Not your usual playfully psychotic cyber-and-drug-enhanced antihero.  Ecko Rising messes with your head in unexpected and exciting ways.” – Mike Carey

“Danie Ware’s first novel is not so much assured as explosive. This is science fiction with the safety catch off. I hope she never runs out of ammunition.” – Adam Nevill

“Tight, fast-paced, sophisticated SF – the best debut novel I’ve read in years” – Andy Remic

“One of the most intriguing and original blends of fantasy and science fiction I’ve read in a long time” – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Ecko Rising explodes onto the page with the manic energy of Richard Morgan’s cyberpunk novels before taking a surprise turn into Thomas Covenant territory. It is strange, surprising, haunting and exceedingly well-written. Not to be missed.” – Lavie Tidhar

Blog post by way of a thank you and a BIG squeeeee. Catch me for beers at FantasyCon!

(The artwork, btw, is a long-time fave and an inspiration, called ‘Angelic Manifestation’ and  by Bob Venosa. Though I fear I’ve put it to a slightly more violent use!).

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