Of Dark Lords and Flamethrowers

It’s been a VERY weird week.

It’s been a week wearing an odd Venn diagram of simultaneous hats. Putting live my own signing, seeing my name on posters and press releases, on the FP site… I will shut up about this stuff eventually, I swear, but it’s still squeaky new and very fucking bizarre.

It’s been a week of review copies – of other people actually reading the book. It’s been a week with the filming of a book trailer (thank you Angie), with my first real interview (thank you Stephen Jewell of SFX Magazine – bless you for your ability to put a nervous first-timer at ease!), and where the first incoming blurbs have allowed me to see Ecko through other eyes than my own.

This week’s also contained much speculation about live-webcasting the signing itself – a Nik trick if ever these was one – and not an easy thing when the store has no sodding wifi in the books department. Watch this space for updates on that little adventure…

The clipping here is from Sci Fi Now – a sneaky snippet which puts all of this wackiness into a neat nut/shell/casing…

It’s been a VERY weird week.



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