Q: When Is A Sex Toy Not A Sex Toy?

Marketing has several cornerstones – targeted relevance, personal contact, customer service, the hallowed spin of the Rolodex… and sex.

And there are just times when something is so obvious, when it stares you in the face, when the innuendo is obvious, glorious and hilarious…

Yet no-one will squeak, publicly anyway. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes.

A: When it’s a rocket

1978, the Forbidden Planet rocket was launched from a little comic book store in Denmark Street, London – a store still remembered with great fondness by many of my Twitter friends. It’s a street of music shops now – but it still has a bohemian feel that hearkens back to the chilled out, long-hair-and-bell-bottoms memories we have of those times.

In 1988, to commemorate the move from Denmark Street to New Oxford Street in the West End, Forbidden Planet commissioned acclaimed artist Rian Hughes to create the now-world-famous rocket logo and typeface.

In 2008, when Forbidden Planet celebrated its 30th anniversary, we decided to celebrate the New Age of Geek by fusing our long past with today’s street-smart, contemporary art – how better to tie the old with the new than to recreate the cult classic Forbidden Planet rocket in hot, Urban Vinyl 3D?

In 2009, a worldwide exclusive of 350 pieces, the realisation of this fusion has been designed by 3D vinyl artist Matt ‘Lunartik’ JOnes.

And it’s fantastic.

Lunartik’s has also done his own – and signed it!

I know – you know, we all know – that it looks like a toy of a slightly different persuasion (you should see some of the Direct Messages I’ve received via Twitter!). And not only online – it’s caused many behind-closed-doors, unrepeatable comments in the Titan House office.

But y’know what? Aside from the sexiness of a genuine 3D Brand, they work because of their insinuation. They’re perfect urban vinyl – daring, contentious, suggestive, genius.

We have them right here, right now and they – you know I have to say this – absolutely rock!

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