Ecko Rising – For Real!

Overwhelming moment – exhilarating and surreal. Shaking hands as you pick it up (yes really), lump in your throat. Yet there’s that undertow of pure terror… because this is where the truth comes home.

Having your own book in your hands is absolute magic – being able to show your family, your friends, all over the world, and say ‘Look! Here it is!’ There’s no sensation like it; something in you hopes it never fades.

Yet it’s also a moment when you gird your loins, because this is where the slightly nebulous, romantic concept becomes cold and solid. There they are, a hundred of them, a product, down there in the Mail Room  at Titan Towers – they’re going to buyers, to reviewers, to some of the most respected names in the industry.

It’s a moment where you feel absolutely laid bare, under a harsh white lamp of scrutiny.

I’d say be gentle with me, but I have a feeling that this counts as ‘Past the Point of No Return’!

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