‘The Long Earth’

What if there are multiple quantum earths? And what if we could go there?

Totally impossible of course, but it was once said of science fiction that it is a kind of exercise bicycle for the mind, which while it might not take you anywhere, may possibly tone up the muscles that might!

In a unique event at London’s Royal Institution, world famous authors Sir Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter come together on 21st June 2012 to discuss their new series of novels entitled ‘The Long Earth’ inspired by the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory – aided by philosopher of physics David Wallace.
To celebrate this event, Forbidden Planet and the Royal Institution are proud to present a limited edition version of ‘The Long Earth‘, signed by Stephen Baxter and featuring a unique event-specific commemorative stamp. Get in quick though, as it will be limited to 2,000 copies!

If you miss it, you can see the full video of this unique event on the Royal Institution website from 11:00am on Tuesday 26th June.


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