Danacea at EasterCon – Those About to Rock!

It’s no secret that I spend the bulk of my professional life either in the brig – or outside the box.

Give me a line, I can usually be trusted to stick my toe somewhere else. Occasionally it’s in my mouth – along with the rest of my foot – but I’ve pulled off enough fast ones to know how to keep hopping.

Perhaps that’s how I’ve found myself on not one but two panels at this year’s EasterCon – uncivilised times though they may be (Sober? On a Friday night?!) – I’m stepping out on ground I should stand secure upon. I blog-rant far too much about the future of marketing in the sf industry, it seems I’m now getting the chance to put my gob where my keyboard is…

Friday 22:00 – ‘The Marketing of Novels’
Sunday 11:00 – ‘Twitter: Ego Boosting, or Information Busting?’

I’m also getting the chance to flex my expertise at something new – potentially even more crazy than last year’s MonQee

With thanks to Harmonix Music, to Forbidden Planet, to Titan Books, to Gollancz, to the Black Library, to Tor, to Rebellion, and to the unrelenting support of the EasterCon LX2009 committee, Mister Devereux and myself are once again setting light to the rulebook.

This time, it’s Rock Band: Battle of the Bands – and it’s sitting like a biker chick on a Harley at the height of the Sunday night programme.

Sunday 22:00 TIME TO ROCK!

Prizes range from the awesome three-foot Millennium Falcon to the new Titan edition of ‘V for Vendetta’ – which GoH David Lloyd will sign for the winners at the closing ceremonies – to signed books, pre-publication proofs, fantastic new cover art on some cult SF classics… and some glorious 2000AD goodies for the true connoisseur.

There’s something genuinely exciting about making this work… as the feedback starts to filter in… as those all-important web-vibrations that hint at something massive coming your way…

Much has changed in the last year – both in the industry and at Forbidden Planet. It’s time to get pro-active.

This? Is going to rock!

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