TAGGED! This Post Is Cheating…

A plague o’ the houses of Dan Thornton and Paul Steadman, both of whom have tagged me to write a random-shit-about-me post.

Dan’s tagged me with ‘Three-for-Three’ (apparently called the London Meme – or possibly Mememe); Paul with five random facts. So, in a daring, knife-edge exercise of info-fusion, I’m doing them both at once.

Below are eight completely useless snippets of information – you may be familiar with a couple.

Random Rubbish 1: Name of the Rose
My full name is Daniella, Daniella Louise Windsor Ware. The Windsor is my mother’s maiden name, added to mine when she reverted back to it. The irony of this is that, the year after I was born, Danny La Rue launched ‘Queen Daniella’ as his stage drag act…

Random Rubbish 2: The All Boys’ School
In 1983, nine girls turned up at Ardingly College. In uniforms from Harrod’s, we filed down to our ‘study’ under the headmaster’s house (best way to keep an eye on us). We didn’t board, but we were there from 8:15 in the morning ‘til 9:45 at night – we were pioneers, we were terrified, we were trouble.

Random Rubbish 3: Arthur’s Mum
When I joined the Norwich Vike, I had a brief affair with a man many years my senior. I say brief, because he believed he was Uther Pendragon, Merlin, a direct descendant of Thor, England’s senior Godi and the cause of the ’87 hurricane – and that I should bear his child to Save The World. When I refused (funny that), he later told me that the Gulf War was my fault (as it presaged Ragnarök) and so on… He was still calling me up until last year – thank fuck, he seems to (finally) have got the message.

Random Rubbish 4: Bones
With fabulous irony, my fiancé Bones vanished at a Viking show in Tintagel in 1992. After the battle, we retired to Rocky Valley for beers; he went climbing around the cliff-edge and was never seen again. To this day, we don’t actually know what happened to him. I hope he found a mermaid and a cave of Pirate brandy.

Random Rubbish 5: Kiss and Tell
I used to be a kiss-a-gram girl – I donned lingerie and giggled, wriggled and squiggled for retirement parties, office leaving dos and stag nights. Bit long in the tooth for it now, but I keep the chain mail bikini out of pure sentimentality.

Random Rubbish 6: Non-Work Websites
The thing about being a pro-Geek is the edge of work and play gets pretty blurry – so I’m going to jump right over it. I’m (predictably) a LOLcat lover, adore the sardonic office humour of Despair. Inc (thank them for the pictures), and remain very fond of the amateur fiction on Literotica (NSFW – and you will have to seek out the good stuff!) All the proof you needed that I’m not a Social Media Maven.

Random Rubbish 7: Cocktails
I don’t know that I can name three cocktails! Occasionally, Devin and I indulge in a Stiletto – I couldn’t even tell you what was in it. I’m an old longhair, a pints girl, red wine when I’m at home. Give me spit’n’sawdust – and damn all these sodding chain wine bars to hell anyway!

Random Rubbish 8: Karaoke
Okay, I do sing. I’ve even been known to sing in public (but usually after the aforementioned pints and when I can remember the words to ‘The Teddy Bears’ Rave Up’). The only way I’d do karaoke is ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ – and on the assumption I sing the Meatloaf part. Not that the all-boys school gave me gender issues or anything. No, Sir.

And so, with skeletons clattering out of my wardrobe, I hereby pass the buck. To: –

Frederick 2 Baro (you asked for this!)
Ian Cook (blog, damn you, blog!)
John Rivers (nice shiny new site!)
Neil Simmons (dunpolitickin)
Rowan Stanfield Miller (explain cocktails and karaoke to me?!)
Paul Steadman (you get the Three-for-Three)
Dan Thornton (Five Random Facts from you!)

I’d tag Nik as well but I’m guessing he’s way too busy. I’ll save my revenge for another time…

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6 thoughts on “TAGGED! This Post Is Cheating…

  1. A Stiletto is: Whisky, Amaretto and Lime in equal measures. Discovered by Ant and me at Circa restaurant in Lewes on one of his birthday meals out, we passed it on to Devin as an alternative to the Sidecar, another Stanfield family classic cocktail.Karaoke is something I never do in public, only in the privacy of my own home with a group of friends on the Playstation2 Singstar games. Even those who profess to loathe karaoke get hooked in the end, because it’s competitive and hilariously funny – especially the playback function.As for the meme tag, I don’t have any more skeletons in my closet to reveal, so I think I shall decline on this occasion!

  2. Thank you for the education!!I was just realising I’d forgotten Pete and his wicked Christmas Eve sidecars… maybe the Christmas morning hangovers had blotted them from my mind :)

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